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Installation view of Folds of Desire at Yvonamor Palix Fine Art Gallery, Houston


The works featured in my solo show, Folds of Desire, emerge from the point at which language crumbles as we attempt to grasp the meaning of our experiences, those unpredictably awkward social exchanges, and unfulfilled hopes. The phone call that was never received, the explanation that was not provided, the glance that wasn’t followed, the email that remained unanswered—our everyday lives are made up of enigmatic and seemingly unimportant moments such as these. At times we shrug them off, at others, we take a bit longer to pretend they didn’t hurt. But one after the other, these small personal earthquakes reshape the emotional landscapes of our minds. Fleeting/causal moments that nonetheless end up defining our personalities, our self-esteem and our relationships with others define who we are.

Skins, membranes, shrouds, veils—we gloss the hurt with veneers the world wants to see. Through the manipulation of a range of materials, the works in ‘Folds of Desire’ attempt to visualize and process what we have been taught to hide and render invisible.  

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